Whitney Bjerken

It was a good morning and I decided to jump off the roof. I was kind scared you are you looking down at the trampoline you say no problem but then again You don’t want your foot to get caught on the net.

Cliff Jumping

Fort Nite

Drinking Fortnite Shield in real life. We show you how to make Fortnite real life items like the Mini Shield Potion, Chug Jug and real Slurp drink.

Fortnite Items In Real Life

How To Begin A Business

I’m super pumped to launch my first episode of Your Daily Dose of Business. Some days you may hear me talking about business, entrepreneurship, marketing or simply life in general. I’d love to get your thoughts and questions on this show, so I know exactly what it would be best for you to get the most value out of it.

How To Begin A Business

In this episode you’ll hear my $0.02 on how to begin a business from scratch with no money but I’d love to hear your $0.02 on this video as well.

How to Begin a Business from Scratch – 5 Steps

Step 1: Begin
Step 2: Don’t quit your job
Step 3: Focus on one single thing to sell
Step 4: Create a landing page
Step 5: Send traffic to your page

Amazon Product Research Technique

In this video, Freedom Formula share tips on how to find a product for your Amazon FBA business and answers all the questions related to product research for Amazon FBA.

If you want to find an Amazon FBA product that will get you to 5-figures/month, this video will show you exactly how. Click play to learn our secret amazon fba product research technique.

Find Amazon FBA Products

Antreprenor in Romania

Antreprenorul Esanu Marian il are ca invitat pe Adrian Niculescu, discutand despre Antreprenoriatul in Romania.

Antreprenoriatul in Romania este un subiect pe care multa lume il abordeaza in diferit discutii. Adrian Niculescu isi impartaseste in acest interviu povestea vietii lui si cum a ajuns sa fie un antreprenor de succes in Romania.

Antreprenoriatul in Romania

Ridgewood Meadows Homes for Sale

Welcome home to this beautiful updated 2 bed 2 bath home in Ridgewood Meadows. Enjoy the Lanai that can be used as a guest room. Inviting front porch to enjoy morning coffee and get your day begun. Large master suite with a large walk in closet. This is a perfect retirement home or a place to come to escape the winter weather up north. Schedule a time to see this property today as it won’t be on the market long.

Ellenton Homes for Sale

Best Minecraft Review 2018

This video is an overall review on Minecraft which has topics such as the Nether, farming and breeding, enchanting, mining, building, and exploring in the Minecraft world.

Best Video Games Review

In this video Dallin Lane talks about his experience of playing Minecraft, and discusses the major features of this sandbox game. This review is the most up to date, and mentions the basics of this game, as well as what’s good and bad about it. This video films the most updated version of the game 1.13. By the end of this video you should know pretty well if this game is for you.

How To Make Your Own Color Correction

I did a video recently on what color corrector was and how it worked. Today, I wanted to show you that you can in fact, make your own color correcting concealer with makeup already in your house! I have never made color correcting concealer’s before, so this was definitely an experience! I gave the best tips on how to make your own concealers and basically show what not to do, also! 😂 Hope y’all enjoy this and let me know in the comments if this is something you have done or will do! I LOVE hearing from y’all!

Make Your Own Color Corrector Concealer